The Learning Bar is very pleased with our DDoS protection through DOSarrest.
Their support team is excellent, very knowledgeable, and very patient with explaining complex concepts.
I also want to give a big shout-out to their tech crew (in particular Scott, Timur, and Sean) who have offered an unparalleled level of service, professionalism, and expertise in all our dealings with them.
DOSarrest’s service is a differentiating factor that led to the decision to continue and expand with DOSarrest over other competitors.

(July 2014) Charles Richard, The Learning Bar

I have worked with DOSarrest before and was delighted to be able to recommend them here at Dedsert. When we were in trouble, they came on board and solved a problem in double-quick time in the middle of the night. Their service since then has been 100% top class and I am happy to recommend them.

(April 2014) Peter Fellows-McCully, CTO

We are aware of your services and we have heard really positive feedback about DOSarrest.
More importantly, we are seeing first hand that your customer service initiatives are first class and that is very encouraging.

(November 2013) Mossab Alzeeny, Senior Technology Advisor, AUTODATA Middle East

Support is extremely quick and efficient. The solution works well and we are pleased with DOSarrest.

(Oct. 2013) Khalid Maqsudi, Web Operations Manager,

DOSarrest has provided us with sparkling customer service for a long time. We first started using DOSarrest when we were hit with a DDOS attack almost two years ago. They resolved the issue immediately and have protected us from DDOS attacks ever since…

(Aug. 2013) Eric Ferguson, President, Andy’s Auto Sport

All has been good and your support team have been great. They stuck at the task when we had the SSL issue and researched and identified the issue. I also appreciate the speed of the initial setup. All in all a very good service.

(Mar. 2013) Brian Fraser, IT Operations Manager, UniServity

I have to say, I’ve been really impressed with DOSarrest so far – you’ve been extremely professional, responsive and effective. I couldn’t be happier with the service.

(Jan. 2013) David Salgado, CTO, Admoda

Honestly, I cannot thank you enough for the help, speed, effectiveness and quality of the responses and service we’ve received from you.
I would also like to echo John’s words of thanks. Your service has been exemplary and I would be happy to provide testimonial.

(Oct. 2012) Venn Luscombe-Mahoney, CTO, Achica & John Sharp, Achica


DDoS Protection

DOSarrest is a true cloud based fully managed, fully customizable DDoS protection service, including WAF, CDN and external monitoring and its fully supported 24/7/365 by an experienced SOC
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External Monitoring

This service allows you to monitor your website’s performance from 8 different networks around the globe every minute, view historical or real-time performance stats.
Learn More

Vulnerability Testing

A fully managed test that will pinpoint any vulnerabilities on a website and one of our engineers will walk you through the results and recommend the appropriate actions to take.
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Geo Load Balancing

DOSarrest’s Geo Load balancing service enables customers to spread out their website resource requirements across 2 or more servers. Whether you have 1,000 web visitors a day or over a million, our load balancing service can accommodate your needs.
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