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Affordable, Easy To Deploy, Cloud based

DDoS Protection Services

DDoS Protection

Protecting against DDoS attacks since 2007!

DOSarrest's DDoS protection service is the cornerstone of our company and we have been providing DDoS protection to our global customer base since 2007, many of these customers are still using our service today. Our systems are leading edge and we have just introduced our latest core platform as well as a new customer portal, that has been in development and testing for the last 2 years. This new platform has capabilities that makes our DDoS protection service able to deal with the most sophisticated attacks.

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Web Application Firewall

Do I need to use a WAF ?

A fully managed cloud based Web Application Firewall service, keeps out bad actors that may want to disrupt, deface or steal data on any application running on your website. The service can be customized to accommodate any HTTP application and provide real-time reporting.

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Vulnerability Testing

Website Vulnerability Assessment & Testing

A fully managed test that will pinpoint any vulnerabilities on a website and one of our engineers will walk you through the results and recommend the appropriate actions to take.

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DEMS – DOSarrest External Monitoring Service

External Monitoring

This service allows you to monitor your website's performance from 8 different networks around the globe every minute, view historical or real-time performance stats.

As DOSarrest expanded its DDoS protection cloud, now located in London, UK, NYC, LA, Vancouver, Hong Kong and Singapore, we needed to know the up time and performance of all of our customer's sites as viewed from all 6 locations. We set out to find an external 3rd party service that we could subscribe to in order to fulfill this requirement.

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