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Jag Bains

CLDAP Reflection Attacks back in style for the spring 2020 collection

Reflection attacks are nothing new, having been around since the early 2000’s. But there was some recent activity where we saw disparate customers, with disparate services all attacked within a few days of each other with the same attack vectors, with varying differences in the size and duration o[...]

Apr 24th 2020

Network Monitoring & Traffic Analysis Tools: How To Choose The Right One

When we first started providing DOSarrest Traffic Analyzer (DTA) product, we initially just wanted to take advantage of the capabilities of the DCD platform and provide a basic traffic analysis tool for customer NetOps teams and their respective networks. As we continued to develop the DTA, we looke[...]

Feb 24th 2020

How To Stop Malicious Traffic In An Asymmetrical Traffic Flow Environment

To protect a whole network or data canter from DDoS attacks you first have to understand that the malicious traffic will only traverse your defenses in one direction, referred to as asymmetric traffic.Asymmetrical traffic, specifically on the Internet, is when the routing path from host A to host B [...]

Jan 9th 2020

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