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Jag Bains

A Tale of Terabits: Don’t Forget about Mirai

The attacks generated by the latest amplification attack methodology, eponymously named Memcache (a popular open source distributed memory caching system), have so far generated the largest DDoS attacks to date. Within a one week period, Memcache has created two attacks registering at 1.3 Tbps and 1[...]

Mar 19th 2018

Old Vulnerabilities still available to be exploited ROBOT

Old Vulnerabilities still available to be exploited R.O.B.O.T: Return Of Bleichenbacher's Oracle Threat A joint study by researchers from Ruhr-Universitat Bochum/Hackmanit GmbH and Tripwire VERT has revealed a re-tread of an old vulnerability from 1998 that allows an attacker to leverage RSA decryp[...]

Dec 19th 2017

Throwing Caution to the Cloud

Throwing Caution to the Cloud? The Hidden Costs of Moving IT operations onto the Cloud As the CTO of a Cloud DDoS Protection Service, it would seem that I would be shooting myself in the foot by raising alarms about hidden costs in moving onto the cloud. After all, shouldn’t everything IT (inc[...]

Dec 13th 2017

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