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Jag Bains


For a few years now, we here at DOSarrest started to field enquiries into hybrid DDoS defense setups, where customers wanted to leverage their existing on-premise DDoS mitigation infrastructure to work in co-ordination with the cloud scrubbing capabilities that our network infrastructure protection [...]

Nov 11th 2019

How Good Network Intelligence Can Help Stop Malicious Traffic

Since launching our cloud-based flow traffic analyzer, we’ve seen a lot of interesting takes and strategies on how to employ the DOSarrest Traffic Analyzer(DTA) from our customers. Whether Netops/Secops is focusing on an enterprise network or a multi-tenant hosting provider, DTA has been used to i[...]

Oct 3rd 2019

Using Network Tools Like DOSarrest’s DTA To Mitigate DDoS Attacks

Last week we announced a new service offering called the DOSarrest Traffic Analyzer (DTA), essentially a cloud netflow/jflow/sflow ingestion and analyzer platform that leverages our Big Data platform we developed inhouse a few years ago and are now making available to you. For this blog, I’ll deta[...]

Apr 15th 2019

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