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Jag Bains

Network Intelligence as a Service DOSarrest Traffic Analyzer

This month we launched a new exciting product called the DOSarrest Traffic Analyzer (DTA), taking an inhouse platform that has been essential in providing real time security analytics and actions for the DOSarrest network, and making it available for customers to help with their own networks. In a n[...]

Mar 21st 2019

The Rise and Reasons for SSL based attacks

When one thinks of SSL and Encryption, the de facto assumption is that it automatically makes IT systems safer, and for the most part, this assumption is mostly true: SSL/TLS encryption has been instrumental in providing users the confidence for online data transactions over the last 20 years. Howev[...]

Sep 24th 2018

A Tale of Terabits: Don’t Forget about Mirai

The attacks generated by the latest amplification attack methodology, eponymously named Memcache (a popular open source distributed memory caching system), have so far generated the largest DDoS attacks to date. Within a one week period, Memcache has created two attacks registering at 1.3 Tbps and 1[...]

Mar 19th 2018

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