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Justin Chan

Monitoring TCP Connection States

Our newest software release will be a large update from our current software in place, offering many more configuration features and advanced monitoring. Currently, the DOSarrest staff members are already using the new software internally on the admin end, and are going through the final touches bef[...]

Oct 22nd 2013

DSS Customer Panel update

One of our more recent features added to the DSS Panel is the URI(Uniform Resource Identifier)management section. This allows different types of content to be filtered, cached and logged differently, so website performance can be maximized without breaking existing web applications. For example in t[...]

Sep 27th 2010

A look at Steganography

DDoS agents, and malware in general are in a constant arms race with anti-virus scanners to outwit each other. Massively networked botnets require not only the ability to store malicious executables but also send and receive traffic covertly. Steganography can fulfill both these needs. While cryptog[...]

Sep 9th 2010

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