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Mark Teolis

Cross Site Scripting attack illustrated

Wordpress plugin, Social Warfare exposes sites to XSS attacks, was the alert that went out on March 21st 2019. A plugin named "Social Warfare" used by Wordpress sites allowed hackers to inject code into their websites, its estimated that 70,000 websites were effected. It was labelled as A "Zero-Day"[...]

Mar 26th 2019

Why Test your DDoS Defenses ?

The main reason to test your defenses is to obviously see if your website can withstand a DDoS attack. More importantly is, what happens if it doesn’t ? Are you subscribed to a fully managed service that is responsive enough to get things rectified in a few minutes or will it take hours and multip[...]

Mar 8th 2018

How To Stress Test Your Website? Invite the Pope to Visit !

Two of our long time customers that are responsible for, Radha Nagaraja, Dir. Software Development and Marc Cima, CTO contacted us about 10 days ago to inform us that they would be having a major event on September 25th that may stress the website and wanted to know what we could do [...]

Sep 26th 2015

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