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Mark Teolis

Freak Attack Vulnerability CVE-2015-0204

We have a had a number of enquiries today about the Freak Attack Vulnerability.First off, if you are customer using our service your data is not vulnerable to this attack as we have disabled support for these, lower grade encryption protocols in October 2014. Our service will not accept RSA_EXPORT c[...]

Mar 4th 2015

Oh Oh Oh, Tis the season for DDoS attacks

It’s that time of the year where some websites become extremely high valued targets. It happens every year around this time, this year has proven to be no exception. We have seen in the past where some online merchants were completely devastated by DDoS attacks that can sometimes force them out of[...]

Nov 27th 2014

Are your servers secure from hackers

As the Reuters headline read this week“Hackers break into server for Obamacare website”It was about hackers who uploaded malicious code onto a development server, which is part of ObamaCare. The code installed on the government website was said to be part of a larger operation and used primarily[...]

Sep 4th 2014

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