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Mark Teolis

Facts And Tips On How To Stop DDoS Attacks

As with any news event its usually the largest, most deadly or crazy story that grabs the headlines and sometimes the story is covered 24/7 for weeks. You would think there was an out of control pandemic of Ebola about to sweep across the US, even though as of today there is only 2 confirmed cases o[...]

Mar 12th 2014

Is 9/11 really a special date when it comes to DDoS attacks ?

Every year reports come out about an increased threat revolving around a particular date on the calendar, one such date is September 11th. The thing about DDoS attacks are, that they can happen any day or time and you rarely get advanced notice. One exception that we have seen is when extortion is i[...]

Sep 23rd 2013

Website Monitoring Services

I thought I would put this piece together after seeing a couple of incidences over the last 2 months involving improper website monitoring, a critical and often overlooked part of a website’s operational well-being. With the ever increasing and somewhat obsession with cloud based hosting services,[...]

Jun 11th 2013

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