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Mark Teolis

A look back at the DDoS attacks from the 4chan/anon gang

Things have somewhat returned to normal 3 weeks after the barrage of attacks, that at times seemed as if they were not going to stop. In fact they may not, and will probably get bigger, more sophisticated, with many more victims. We too, have had our run-ins with this group and their legions of LOIC[...]

Jan 3rd 2011

DDS enhancement, visual representation of A Botnet

Our next enhancement to our customer DSS (DOSarrest Security Services) is a heatmap, which displays in realtime the location and number of unique visitors. Since many attacks are using spoofed IPs their actual location may be misleading, But at a glance you can see the size of the Botnet.This should[...]

Sep 1st 2010

PacketSafe Networks Corp. adds DOSarrest to its Service offerings.

Last week, I was contacted by Joel Abramson, who is one of the principles over at Packetsafe Networks, he was on a search for some DDoS protection for one of their managed hosting customers. As you can well imagine given a name like Packetsafe, they focus on security for their customers, which inclu[...]

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