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Sean Power

How the RangeAmp attack works

A few days ago researchers announced a new http request amplification DoS attack called RangeAmp. Amplification attack’s power lies in the ability to turn a few requests into many responses, or utilizing small requests that generate large responses. Amplification is an “old-school” attack;[...]

Jun 1st 2020

Preventing Data Breaches

Data breaches happen. They happen across all industries, including Security Services as witnessed recently by Imperva’s Incapsula, and they show no signs of stopping. Your data, and I stress this is your data, can be classified as Public, Private, and Confidential. Public data is the information[...]

Sep 6th 2019

What is HTTP 468?

Once upon a time DOSarrest used the same status code (403 Forbidden) to respond to any illegitimate traffic. For webservers this is sufficient, but sometimes people want to know why a request is forbidden. As we added more and more filters that 403 became less and less meaningful, so we started to[...]

Aug 1st 2019

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