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Sean Power

How do you stop Scraping ?

How do you stop Scraping ? There are a number of ways to go about this including buying a subscription of scraping bots that have been identified and then applying an Access Control List(ACL) to prevent them from accessing your web properties. DOSarrest develops its own software to thwart any mali[...]

Oct 26th 2018

Machine Learning Model Selection

Got Machine Learning?Machine learning has been an industry buzz word for the last few years. More and more frequently it’s being sought after by potential customers. Unfortunately, machine learning is rarely sought as a solution to a particular problem, rather it is simply treated as an item on a[...]

Mar 10th 2018

Securing your APIs

Covering your APIs Web APIs are not exactly a new technology. You can find an API for almost any service offered online. The reason for the popularity is not surprising, APIs easily and efficiently facilitate integration between applications. This inter-application communication allows partnersh[...]

Nov 21st 2017

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