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Sean Power

Securing your APIs

Covering your APIs Web APIs are not exactly a new technology. You can find an API for almost any service offered online. The reason for the popularity is not surprising, APIs easily and efficiently facilitate integration between applications. This inter-application communication allows partnersh[...]

Nov 21st 2017

Don’t ban the bots

I do a lot of DDoS related research online, which results in a lot of DDoS protection related spam/offers. A trend I have seen gaining popularity lately is “ban the bots”. These emails contain a lot of emotionally charged language trying to persuade the reader that bots are destroying the inter[...]

Jul 27th 2017

Online Certificate Status Protocol (OSCP) Vulnerability

Going Green... Internet security is a passion of mine. It’s why I get up in the morning (it’s also why I sometimes cry myself to sleep). For many netizensprotection is summarized by a green lock icon in the addressbar: That lock tells us that a Certificate Authority (CA) has verified the web[...]

Sep 25th 2016

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