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Sean Power

Don’t ban the bots

I do a lot of DDoS related research online, which results in a lot of DDoS protection related spam/offers. A trend I have seen gaining popularity lately is “ban the bots”. These emails contain a lot of emotionally charged language trying to persuade the reader that bots are destroying the inter[...]

Jul 27th 2017

Online Certificate Status Protocol (OSCP) Vulnerability

Going Green... Internet security is a passion of mine. It’s why I get up in the morning (it’s also why I sometimes cry myself to sleep). For many netizensprotection is summarized by a green lock icon in the addressbar: That lock tells us that a Certificate Authority (CA) has verified the web[...]

Sep 25th 2016

How to use a CDN properly and make your website faster

It's one of the biggest mysteries to me I have seen in my 15+ years of Internet hosting and cloud based services. The mystery is, why do people use a Content Delivery Network for their website yet never fully optimize their site to take advantage of the speed and volume capabilities of the CDN. Just[...]

Apr 27th 2015

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