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Our History

DOSarrest was created by our founder Mark Teolis, a veteran of a global colocation and hosting service who witnessed first-hand how DDoS attacks were causing legitimate websites to go down due to DDoS attacks and that hosting providers were not equipped with the tools to effectively help their customers. In 2007 DOSarrest was created to solve the DDoS problem, at the time there were less than a handful of companies that were focused on cloud based anti DDoS solutions.

Our commitment is to our customers and our mission is to bring together insanely responsive support with the best cloud based Internet security in the market place.

In order to keep our commitment to our customers we learnt early on in our 12 year history, to not follow but lead, hard to believe that in 2017, many so called experts, consultants and some well established rating firms have a very weak understanding of DDoS attacks and a misguided view of Internet security in general, it’s somewhat understandable given that threats are evolving on a daily basis. Big names and Marketing can’t beat technology and experience in the Internet security arena. Don’t believe everything you read or hear ! We are here to educate as well as provide a service, ask us and we’ll give you the straight goods on what’s important and what’s not. We’ll help you eliminate the noise so you can make an informed decision regarding your Internet security.

Custom Configurations

Our Roadmap for 2021 and beyond

We will continue to develop new services as our customer base requests as we have always done. There are many new initiatives underway right now, to name a few, we are leveraging our new “Big data clusters” and machine learning which have produced some great results so far. AI is now under development to find out if it can produce some results in advanced malicious traffic analysis.