Management Team

DOSarrest Management Team

DOSarrest has assembled an experienced team of network engineers, software developers, Sales and Customer service people. All of our dedicated people have the same goal in mind. That goal is simple, offer the best technology and couple it with the best customer service.


Mark Teolis


Prior to founding DOSarrest in October 2007, Mark was a co-founder of Peer1 Hosting and held a number of positions within Peer1until late 2007 including CTO and VP of co-location and network. While at Peer1 Mark created and lead the company's strategic technical plan that made it the 4th fastest growing public company in Canada in 2005. Peer1 was later sold to Cogeco Cable in 2012 for 525 million USD. Prior to Peer1 Mark was an Internet specialist with AT&T Canada. Mark holds a Bachelor of Science degree from Concordia University in Montreal.


Jag Bains

Chief Technology Officer

A 17 year veteran in the internet service provider arena, Jag Bains has extensive network design experience as well as implementing a number of security platforms. In his previous position as the Director of Network Engineering and Operations for PEER1 Hosting Jag was able to observe a large number of DDoS attacks against their customer base, and came to appreciate the singular focus needed to combat the evolving nature of these attacks. Jag holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Information Science from the University of Victoria, in British Columbia.


Brian Mohammed

Director of Sales and Marketing

Brian brings 15 years of industry experience, solution selling along with 13 years of marketing and sales management. He comes to us from Peer1 where he was a top sales executive for over 10 years with a track record of outstanding customer service. Previously he held senior sales roles at UUnet, Worldcom and MCI. His knowledge, experience and numerous contacts in the IT/Hosting and corporate world are an invaluable asset to DOSarrest.


Jenny Wong

Director of Customer Care

Since joining DOSarrest's management team in 2012 Jenny's role has increased to include a wide variety of responsibilities. Jenny is ultimately responsible for all customer care, including, contract management, billing, product documentation and website content. She also is heavily involved with our marketing initiatives and is our public relations liaison person.


Colton McInroy

Software Engineering

Colton Brings his 14 years of experience working in a number of positions related to Internet security, including: Network Security Technician, Intrusion Detection Specialist, and Data Forensics Analyst. Prior to his employment with DOSarrest he was a project manager and lead developer for Borran Technologies. Colton is responsible for all software development at DOSarrest.


Scott Girbav

Network Engineering

Scott has 14 years of Linux Administration, OS Security, and support experience from a variety of Networking Hardware and corporate Internet systems. Prior to his employment with DOSarrest he was a Case Manager at Stream International. Scott is responsible for design, deployment and operation of our networks.

Experience, Technology, and Focus

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