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DOSarrest is an impressive service and the support is exceptional, that combined with their competitive pricing made it an easy decision to go with them. We were alerted to the threat of an attack against our sites and contacted DOSarrest on a Saturday morning. Within an hour we were contacted, began setting up the service and have been fully protected since. We have maintained 100% up-time in the face of repeated attacks. I highly recommend DOSarrest.

Director of Information Technology

Director of Information Technology, Motion Picture Association of America

The first thing I realized as a merchant when we got attacked is that once you’re attacked you lose all your friends. Your ISP may shut your site down to protect other sites on their servers and won’t be as responsive to your emails as you think. It is almost an untold policy for other ISP’s to not take on domains under attack. And when all this happens in the middle of the night one can find themselves in despair very quickly. This is when Mark and DOSArrest came to our rescue not just as a service provider that collects a fee but as a team that with skilled individuals who truly care. I would recommend anyone to add DOSArrest in their address book even if they are not under threat and do not discard the possibility of someone targeting their website. And if you are under attack, the DOSArrest team is what you want on your side to weather the storm. Thank you Mark and the DOSArrest team for all the help.

Mehmet Oguz

Instanta Group

Within 15 minutes of changing the A records to point to DOSarrest the load on our web server dropped within it’s normal range and the website was again up and operating very quickly. It’s been about 2 months since implementation and it’s still working perfectly for us. Thank for being a life saver!

Justin Gomolka

CEO , Best Bath Store, LLC

Wow, I had to see it to believe it. After being down for 3 straight days with no hope, DOSarrest stepped right in and got us back up and running within 1hr., without ever looking back.

Technical team

Veripayment Systems, Internet payment processing

Our transition to their DDoS proxy-defense product was smooth and simple and has been rock solid since its implementation. It has already spared our network from unwanted traffic and attacks resulting in a better quality of service for our customers. We have requested a variety of filters to be implemented and they have been added quickly and effectively and performed the way we expected them to. We look forward to continuing to work with DOSarrest’s technical team and appreciate their ability and dedication to improve and expand on what was already a strong network infrastructure!

Bravenet Web Services

Bravenet Web Services Inc.