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A Tale of Terabits: Don’t Forget about Mirai

The attacks generated by the latest amplification attack methodology, eponymously named Memcache (a popular open source distributed memory caching system), have so far generated the largest DDoS attacks to date. Within a one week period, Memcache has created two attacks registering at 1.3 Tbps and 1[...]

Mar 19th 2018

Machine Learning Model Selection

Got Machine Learning?Machine learning has been an industry buzz word for the last few years. More and more frequently it’s being sought after by potential customers. Unfortunately, machine learning is rarely sought as a solution to a particular problem, rather it is simply treated as an item on a[...]

Mar 10th 2018

Why Test your DDoS Defenses ?

The main reason to test your defenses is to obviously see if your website can withstand a DDoS attack. More importantly is, what happens if it doesn’t ? Are you subscribed to a fully managed service that is responsive enough to get things rectified in a few minutes or will it take hours and multip[...]

Mar 8th 2018

Old Vulnerabilities still available to be exploited ROBOT

Old Vulnerabilities still available to be exploited R.O.B.O.T: Return Of Bleichenbacher's Oracle Threat A joint study by researchers from Ruhr-Universitat Bochum/Hackmanit GmbH and Tripwire VERT has revealed a re-tread of an old vulnerability from 1998 that allows an attacker to leverage RSA decryp[...]

Dec 19th 2017

Throwing Caution to the Cloud

Throwing Caution to the Cloud? The Hidden Costs of Moving IT operations onto the Cloud As the CTO of a Cloud DDoS Protection Service, it would seem that I would be shooting myself in the foot by raising alarms about hidden costs in moving onto the cloud. After all, shouldn’t everything IT (inc[...]

Dec 13th 2017

Securing your APIs

Covering your APIs Web APIs are not exactly a new technology. You can find an API for almost any service offered online. The reason for the popularity is not surprising, APIs easily and efficiently facilitate integration between applications. This inter-application communication allows partnersh[...]

Nov 21st 2017

Nginx with Stream Module Dynamic Upstream CNAME

In the age on scalable web applications , many organizations turn to cloud-based server hosting to dynamically add additional servers during peak usage, or attain redundancy by having multiple geographic web \-server locations. One of the methods used for this is DNS CNAME resolution. Using this op[...]

Oct 12th 2017

Apache Struts Vulnerabilities and The Equifax Hack, What Happened?

In the wake of the Equifax breach, a lot of people are wondering how the theft of personal information occurred and how it could have been prevented. Equifax initially reported that a vulnerability in Apache Struts was used to infiltrate their public-facing web server. Apache Struts has faced its f[...]

Sep 16th 2017

What is Machine Learning?

Machine Learning can appear in many different forms and guises, but a general definition of Machine Learning usually incorporates something about computers learning without explicit programming and being able to automatically adapt. And while Machine Learning has been around for decades as a concept[...]

Sep 6th 2017

Don’t ban the bots

I do a lot of DDoS related research online, which results in a lot of DDoS protection related spam/offers. A trend I have seen gaining popularity lately is “ban the bots”. These emails contain a lot of emotionally charged language trying to persuade the reader that bots are destroying the inter[...]

Jul 27th 2017

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