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Oh Oh Oh, Tis the season for DDoS attacks

It’s that time of the year where some websites become extremely high valued targets. It happens every year around this time, this year has proven to be no exception. We have seen in the past where some online merchants were completely devastated by DDoS attacks that can sometimes force them out of[...]

Nov 27th 2014

Understanding POODLE SSL v3 Vulnerability

SSL is in the news again with another vulnerability.What Is and how does POODLE work?POODLE stands for Padding Oracle On Downgraded Legacy Encryption. How the newly announced POODLE attack works is by interfering with the protocol negotiation. An attacker can force your encryption to downgrade to a [...]

Oct 15th 2014

Bash Vulnerability AKA Shellshock

September 24th 2014 marked the announcement of a remote code execution vulnerability(CVE-2014-6271) for the Linux Bourne-Again SHell (BASH). Since vulnerability announcements are a daily occurrence, how much should you be concerned?The answer is very.There are three factors you need to consider:How [...]

Sep 24th 2014

Are your servers secure from hackers

As the Reuters headline read this week“Hackers break into server for Obamacare website”It was about hackers who uploaded malicious code onto a development server, which is part of ObamaCare. The code installed on the government website was said to be part of a larger operation and used primarily[...]

Sep 4th 2014

Top Ten Hosting/ISP’s with servers infected by Brobot

Since our run-in with Brobot a couple of weeks ago (See blog piece). We have had some requests to see if we had a list of what IPs are being used by Brobot. We do have a list of the offending IPs and its in the thousands, no surprise given its total power and to operate within TCP port 80 parameters[...]

Jul 10th 2014

The Statistics of DDoS attacks

I remember the first time I sat down in a statistics class at Concordia University in Montreal as it was a requirement for my undergrad Science degree, so I was there by force, so to speak. The professor entered the room, told us his name and a little about his professional background. Once the intr[...]

Jul 8th 2014

Not All Botnets Are Treated Equally……..Brobot Still Has Some Serious Juice!

Last week we had a run in with the notorious Brobot Botnet, if the name sounds familiar it’s because this bot was responsible for sporadic outages on a number of large US based financial institutions in 2013. Said to be operated by al-Qassam Cyber Fighters (AKA QCF).Botnets are born, die, grow, sh[...]

Jun 25th 2014

DOSarrest Systems fully patched for CVE-2014-0224 MITM OpenSSL Flaw

On June 5th, the OpenSSL project announced CVE-2014-0224, a vulnerability that enabled man-in-the-middle-attacks (MITM) and potentially allowed for the decryption and modification of data communication between client and server. A quick audit was ran by the DOSarrest team, and a subsequent set of up[...]

Jun 10th 2014

Testing Your Servers for the Heartbleed Vulnerability

What’s the Heartbleed bug? How does it work?On April 7th, 2014, a security vulnerability in the OpenSSL encryption software was revealed, which affects millions of servers around the world. The bug allows users to send a specially-crafted “heartbeat” packet to an affected server, requesting mo[...]

Apr 17th 2014

Impact of Heartbleed Vulnerability(CVE-2014-0160) and your DOSarrest Services

The engineering team at DOSarrest has conducted a full assessment of systems, in the wakeof April 7th’s disclosure of CVE-2014-0160, also known as Heartbleed.With security being our prime focus we immediately started auditing our systems once the alert became public.After a thorough investigation [...]

Apr 14th 2014

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