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Why a Vulnerability Assessment is a must

Threats such as SQL injection and cross site scripting (XSS) have plagued online business for years, only lately getting the notoriety that they deserve, but for every threat that is publicized there are many more that never get the same attention. New vulnerabilities are discovered at an alarming r[...]

Nov 18th 2013

Monitoring TCP Connection States

Our newest software release will be a large update from our current software in place, offering many more configuration features and advanced monitoring. Currently, the DOSarrest staff members are already using the new software internally on the admin end, and are going through the final touches bef[...]

Oct 22nd 2013

How to Monitor Anycast

What is Anycast?Anycast is a routing configuration that takes the public IP address of a web service, such as a DNS or a website, and announces its reachability from more than one location. Normally, in a traditional routing configuration, the public IP address of the web service exists in only one [...]

Sep 28th 2013

Is 9/11 really a special date when it comes to DDoS attacks ?

Every year reports come out about an increased threat revolving around a particular date on the calendar, one such date is September 11th. The thing about DDoS attacks are, that they can happen any day or time and you rarely get advanced notice. One exception that we have seen is when extortion is i[...]

Sep 23rd 2013

Tools to Troubleshoot your Website’s Performance

We here at DOSarrest work with a wide variety of IT and business professionals on a day to day basis, from Website developers to CEOs. Even though DDoS protection services is our specialty, we are often asked about website performance and how our service can help. Our service when used properly and [...]

Sep 17th 2013

Protecting Your Server From a JSLOIC DDoS Attack

JavaScript Low Orbit Ion Cannon (JSLOIC) is a web-based variant of the LOIC DDoS attack tool popularized by the cyber activist/hacker group “Anonymous”. Because the DDoStool is written in JavaScript it allows the JSLOIC code to be embedded into a web page. A person visiting the web page could po[...]

Aug 22nd 2013

Tips To Prepare For A DDoS Attack

IT security experts report that distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks are a growing concern for 2013: this trend is proved by the countless attacks during 2012 and shown from the findings on the latest CSI Computer Crime & Security Survey, which attracts widespread media attention and is [...]

Jul 3rd 2013

Website Monitoring Services

I thought I would put this piece together after seeing a couple of incidences over the last 2 months involving improper website monitoring, a critical and often overlooked part of a website’s operational well-being. With the ever increasing and somewhat obsession with cloud based hosting services,[...]

Jun 11th 2013

Anticipating, Preventing and Managing DDoS Attacks

A Q&A with Jag Bains of DOSarrest Internet SecurityDDoS (distributed denial of service) attacks are a major threat and risk exposure facing any business with an internet-facing server. They can be especially devastating to companies that primarily conduct sales through the internet, resulting in[...]

May 29th 2013

DDoS Protection Hardware for the Data Centre… Or Not!

Earlier this month, Juniper Networks purchased Webscreen Systems from Accumuli a UK-based IT security specialist. With this acquisition, Juniper is furthering a strategy to try to deal with distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks from within a data centre by adding more hardware. While one can [...]

Mar 1st 2013

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