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How To Select A DDoS Mitigation Service

Late last month, two members of the hacker group LulzSec pleaded guilty to launching distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks against entities ranging from the state of Arizona to Nintendo to the CIA. Yet despite extensive media coverage of such attacks, chief information security officers are s[...]

Jul 25th 2012

Selecting a DDoS Protection Service – Beware the Checklist!

One of the golden rules in business is to know thy customer, and the Internet Security game is no exception to this axiom. When protecting a customer website from attacks, it’s essential to know every customers website features and pattern, whether it be the layout of the site, platform it is deve[...]

Jun 20th 2012

What I’ve learned about DDoS in a Hosting Provider Network

The experience of building an international backbone for PEER1, a large hosting company, over the last 11 years exposed me to a number of challenges, most notably the difficulty of dealing with Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS). DDoS’s seen in these environments vary in size and complexity, wit[...]

Apr 27th 2012

DOSarrest expands its DDoS protection cloud to Europe

DOSarrest Internet Security announced today that they have expanded their DDoS protection cloud into Europe, with a new DDoS mitigation node in London, UK. The new addition will work in conjunction with their existing nodes in New York and Los Angeles and is in response to their growing client base [...]

Feb 23rd 2012

A look back at the DDoS attacks from the 4chan/anon gang

Things have somewhat returned to normal 3 weeks after the barrage of attacks, that at times seemed as if they were not going to stop. In fact they may not, and will probably get bigger, more sophisticated, with many more victims. We too, have had our run-ins with this group and their legions of LOIC[...]

Jan 3rd 2011

DSS Customer Panel update

One of our more recent features added to the DSS Panel is the URI(Uniform Resource Identifier)management section. This allows different types of content to be filtered, cached and logged differently, so website performance can be maximized without breaking existing web applications. For example in t[...]

Sep 27th 2010

A look at Steganography

DDoS agents, and malware in general are in a constant arms race with anti-virus scanners to outwit each other. Massively networked botnets require not only the ability to store malicious executables but also send and receive traffic covertly. Steganography can fulfill both these needs. While cryptog[...]

Sep 9th 2010

DDS enhancement, visual representation of A Botnet

Our next enhancement to our customer DSS (DOSarrest Security Services) is a heatmap, which displays in realtime the location and number of unique visitors. Since many attacks are using spoofed IPs their actual location may be misleading, But at a glance you can see the size of the Botnet.This should[...]

Sep 1st 2010

A Call to Network Providers to end IP Spoofing

n the world of DDOS attacks, “IP Spoofing” or just “Spoofing” for short Is a technique used to hide the actual IP Address of an attacking computer, as well as overload session tables. Attackers can choose an alternate IP address, or generate random IP addresses which can change very rapidly [...]

Aug 28th 2010

The Motivation and Goals Behind DDoS

It is normally difficult to understand the motivation or goals behind specific DDoS attacks or why they occur. Because the machines or computers performing the attack are being controlled by some hidden external source, it is difficult to pinpoint the origin of the attack. When it is already hard to[...]

Jul 30th 2010

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