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The evolution of DDoS

Over the years DDoS has evolved from individual packet-throwing scripts to sophisticated operations with botnets continually reaching above the million-machine mark. As attack strength, methods and targets change so too does the command and control structure that feeds it. What were once basic singl[...]

Jul 10th 2010

Not all network hardware measures up equally

In the world of DDOS attacks, not all network hardware measures up equally.What can protect you from any DDOS attack?Every device deals with packets in certain ways, and has certain limitations based on how it is designed. Most network devices such as switches and routers are able to handle any amou[...]

Jun 28th 2010

DDoS Protection for ISP’s and Hosting Providers

It still amazes me that some network providers and managed hosting providers have no real solution in place to stop DDoS attacks. I know that from talking to more than a few operators of e-commerce websites that they can't go with any provider that does not have a solution to this problem. I suspect[...]

Jun 20th 2010

New customer control Panel

A funny thing happened yesterday while I was testing out our new customer control panel…Colton Jamieson, our software developer has coded so many features into it It was difficult for me to find a starting point. I’m sure every customer will use it for a different purpose. As our DDoS protection[...]

Mar 6th 2010

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