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A look back at the DDoS attacks from the 4chan/anon gang

Jan 3rd 2011

Things have somewhat returned to normal 3 weeks after the barrage of attacks, that at times seemed as if they were not going to stop. In fact they may not, and will probably get bigger, more sophisticated, with many more victims. We too, have had our run-ins with this group and their legions of LOIC shooters.

A customer of ours asked “ How could these, super large, brand names have their websites taken down for so long, don’t they have DDoS protection in place ?”

I have answered this type of question many times and I now, just send them and excerpt of one of the slides that I did for the Vancouver chapter of the ISSA, when they asked me to speak on DDoS attacks, back in May 2010. It basically outlines the 3 top misconceptions as to why some company websites go down and others stay up. One of my favorite lines is “ Everyone can stop DDoS attacks, until they can’t ”

I also noticed that one major CDN is now touting their DDoS protection abilities. Hmmm, we were called to action by no less than three separate parties who needed our services and were customers of the aforementioned CDN, that could not stop the attacks and were in fact down. All this in less than a month !!

Have a look at the slide. Does your organization fit in here ?

top 3 misconceptions

Mark Teolis,

GM @ DOSarrest Internet Security

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