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DDoS Protection for ISP’s and Hosting Providers

Jun 20th 2010

It still amazes me that some network providers and managed hosting providers have no real solution in place to stop DDoS attacks. I know that from talking to more than a few operators of e-commerce websites that they can't go with any provider that does not have a solution to this problem. I suspect that some hosting and network providers feel that DoS attacks are so rare, that they not bother to have anything in place. After quizing a few Internet bandwidth providers, they tell me. Why should I spend 200K+, buying specialized DDoS mitigation gear when I may never need it.

A real catch 22 for some ISP's/NSP's. They can't get the higher end websites because they don't have a real DDoS solution in place and they can't afford the gear because they don't have the higher end customers who pay for their other services. Along with these ISP's, are some of the major managed hosting operations that have some solution but also know its inadequate or too time consuming to implement for every single site using their services.

Every new customer I ask the same question, what is your ISP or network provider doing for you. After all, we are the last line of defense, all of our customers have asked their service provider for help already. They tell me their provider can't handle the attack or Does not have time to help us Some of our customers come from some of the biggest and best hosting providers and to add insult to injury some come from hosting operations that specifically advertise a DDoS protection service.

Now that we have our new DOSarrest Security Services(DSS) panel roll out complete, we thought that maybe we have a solution made to order for Managed Hosting providers and ISP's. Given that our DSS has much automation built into it. We can now give a user id and password to an ISP and they can provision their customers on our system once an attack occurs. there are a few big benefits for ISPs, they have an on-demand solution that works, can be provisioned in 60 seconds, removes malicious traffic that may disrupt other customers, they keep control of the customer and all this without spending a penny on infrastructure that they may never use.

Not to mention they can now confidently say that they do have a proven DDoS protection solution available !

Here's a screen shot of how easy it is for an ISP to provision a new site on our system, a great tool for any NOC.

Now available for Hosting Providers

Mark Teolis,

GM Dosarrest Internet Security

Added By : Mark Teolis

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