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DOSarrest expands its DDoS protection cloud to Europe

Feb 23rd 2012

DOSarrest Internet Security announced today that they have expanded their DDoS protection cloud into Europe, with a new DDoS mitigation node in London, UK. The new addition will work in conjunction with their existing nodes in New York and Los Angeles and is in response to their growing client base in Europe which has quadrupled in the last 12 months.

Mark Teolis, GM of DOSarrest states. “Having another node increases our overall capabilities and more importantly it increases our performance for our customers. The closer we are to the

customers’ servers, the better the performance. Our service is unique in several ways and one of them is our caching, which is now even better. We have also successfully stopped 1,000+ unique real world attacks since 2007, so our proprietary methods, techniques and software are well proven. Not bad given we do not employ any off the shelf DDoS mitigation devices.”

“The newly added mitigation node, coupled with some software/hardware enhancements on all of our other nodes, enables us to have performance comparable to some of the largest CDN’s “

“We expect to have an additional European node sometime in 2012 with other regions in the planning phase.”

About DOSarrest Internet Security:

DOSarrest founded in 2007 in Vancouver BC Canada is one of only a couple of companies worldwide to specialize in only cloud based DDoS protection services. Their main focus is on small to large e-commerce websites. Their proven proprietary techniques and industry leading DSS(DOSarrest Security Services) allowing customers to login and view real-time attack statistics and make changes, has positioned them as leaders in the DDoS protection services arena.

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