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DOSarrest New System software release V3

Apr 7th 2014

After over 2 years of research, development and testing we have upgraded our backend software to a completely brand new (V3) release, this is our 3rd major release since 2008 and it’s a major upgrade from our older platform. There are so many new features available immediately and many more to come, some not yet even realized, that’s how flexible it is.

Why did we invest this time and money to redevelop our system software ?

The primary reason we undertook this ground-up redevelopment was due to the increasing number of layer 7 attacks we were seeing and our new version 3 software is about as advanced as you can get in the DDoS protection services business. We are in our 7th year of cloud based DDoS protection and we strongly believe this is where the real battle will be … and now we are better equipped.

Here is a brief outline of what has been completed and is now available.

  • Configuration updates will now be live in a matter of seconds on all of our servers in all of our cities, it used to take 5-7 minutes.
  • A brand new Intrusion detection System (IDS)engine, great for layer 7 attack detection
  • A true, cloud based layer 7 load balancing capability, local or global
  • Cloud based “Resource Director “, Direct your VIP to pick-up content from a number of different servers based on host header or sub-domain
  • A completely brand new customer portal (DSS V3).
  • Create multiple user accounts with different permissions and views
  • Many new stats on traffic to your VIP as well as to your origin server via the DSS
  • Ability to configure/define Virtual Webservers on our service.

New Service Feature Availability

April 3: Enhanced customer traffic stats. in the DSS

April 7: Additional 30 Gb/Sec upstream capacity and route diversity

April 7: Intrusion Detection System IDS engine

April 10: Layer 7 capable local and Global load balancing

April 15: WAF-Layer 7-Basic, OWASP “CRS”

April 30: WAF-Advanced layer 7 protection, this is an optional add on service

May 3: Enhanced layer 7 traffic stats via DSS, XSS, SQLI, etc

* some of the above new features are available to existing customers at nominal extra charges.

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