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DSS Customer Panel update

Sep 27th 2010

One of our more recent features added to the DSS Panel is the URI(Uniform Resource Identifier)management section. This allows different types of content to be filtered, cached and logged differently, so website performance can be maximized without breaking existing web applications. For example in the following configuration the main page and all images are being cached, but the rest of the website remains un-cached and filtered normally.


The ‘type’ column in the above image also denotes how the rule is applied to the content, recursive rules for example will be applied to the URI and all it’s subdirectories, whereas File Extensions will only check the file type no matter where it is. On top of these options we can also only allow certain IP’s access to URIs, enable request or connection limiting or provide different connection restrictions individually.

Justin Chan

DOSarrest Security Analyst

Added By : Justin Chan

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