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DSS, ISP option

Jul 22nd 2010

As part of our DOSarrest ISP option, I have been developing new administrative features to a new ISP DSS panel. This new ISP DSS panel will provide ISP customers with the ability to manage their own customers and which sites they have access to. ISPs will be able to provide their own customers with the ability to log into the DSS panel which allows them to view statistics, manage the site, etc.

If a customer has Read access to a site, they will only be able to view statistics about that site. If a customer has Write access they will have the ability to manage the site settings located under Site Management.

An ISP account will have the ability to add a website, and add a customer account to access it in less than 5 minutes. This is important when maintaining uptime for customers.

Colton Jamieson,

IT Manager and Lead Developer for DOSarrest Internet Security

Added By : Colton McInroy

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