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Is 9/11 really a special date when it comes to DDoS attacks ?

Sep 23rd 2013

Every year reports come out about an increased threat revolving around a particular date on the calendar, one such date is September 11th. The thing about DDoS attacks are, that they can happen any day or time and you rarely get advanced notice. One exception that we have seen is when extortion is involved. You know, pay up by tomorrow or your site goes down, type of scenario.

For the last 2 years we have not noticed any real attack increase on September 11th Even though one of the sites we protect is directly involved with 9/11 and the memorial at ground zero. There was an increase in traffic but it was all legitimate as interest peaks on this date. Its not to say this site hasn’t seen any attacks ever, it has, just not on 9/11 for the last 2 years. The site is under our “always on “ protection, which means no one ever notices, whether there is an attack or not.

Our “Always on” protection is when all traffic is redirected to one or more of DOSarrest’s traffic scrubbing nodes. DOSarrest cleans the traffic and sends only legitimate requests back to the client server. While under DOSarrest protection, the client server is completely hidden to the Internet and only communicates with the DOSarrest system, no one else.

Mark Teolis

General Manager DOSarrest Internet Security

Added By : Mark Teolis

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