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New customer control Panel

Mar 6th 2010

A funny thing happened yesterday while I was testing out our new customer control panel…

Colton Jamieson, our software developer has coded so many features into it It was difficult for me to find a starting point. I’m sure every customer will use it for a different purpose. As our DDoS protection service also acts as a CDN of sorts It can deliver content to legit customers very effectively. The downside of our system is the complications inherit in running a CDN. This is where the new customer control panel comes in, as one feature of it, allows customers to control what gets cached if anything and for how long. A great feature, since dynamic content is not a good candidate for caching. Customers can just have those pieces of their website omitted for caching.

Back to the funny part…well not really funny.

I was just given a user id and password for a customers’ account so I could see exactly what a customer would see, if they were to login. After logging in, I could see that this customer’s connection was under attack and thankfully the system worked as designed and the site was up and running fine. The control panel clearly was able to show me the number of connections, a source IP and their country of origin, all at a glance.

I grabbed a screen capture at the time.

Mark Teolis,

GM Dosarrest

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