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Oh Oh Oh, Tis the season for DDoS attacks

Nov 27th 2014

It’s that time of the year where some websites become extremely high valued targets. It happens every year around this time, this year has proven to be no exception. We have seen in the past where some online merchants were completely devastated by DDoS attacks that can sometimes force them out of business. These unlucky merchants were down due to attacks that lasted for several days and all of their customers had made their urgent Christmas purchases on other sites. These are lost sales that will never return and to make things worse, the online merchant gets stuck with excess inventory that they can’t sell.

Why does this happen at this time of the year ? The answer is simple its most likely your competition.

What better way to punish your competitor, then to shut their doors during the busiest shopping time of the year.

The importance of DDoS protection can save your business.

You can’t afford it ?

Think of the alternative, being down for 24-48 hours sometime between November 27 to December 15th. Could your business survive this ?

These are all questions to ask yourself.

Approximately 30% of our customers use our service as a back-up, should they experience a DDoS attack they use our service, when there is no attack they run directly off of their own server(s). Today one of these customers had an attack and contacted us letting us know they needed help. Everything was already setup on our side and fully customized and previously tested for them. Our 24/7 support team guided them through the steps to take and the customer was down for only 45 minutes. 45 minutes is a lot but it could of been 6 hours or longer if they didn’t have something already setup in advance.

This particular customer already had a plan in place, he knew what he had to do and what not to do and was thrilled to not suffer some protracted outage. Some of our higher end online merchants will be ringing up $400,000/day in sales at this time of the year. Down or crippled for 6 hours would really hurt.

Ask Santa for a DDoS protection plan this Holiday season, just in case the Grinch visits.

Mark Teolis

CEO for DOSarrest Internet Security

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