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Eastern Communications of the Philippines partners with DOSarrest to deliver cloud based Internet Security solutions

Leading Philippine based telecommunications carrier selects Internet Security firm DOSarrest to deliver cyber security solutions to their commercial client base. Click here to read the complete press release. [...]

Dosarrest executive team travels to Manila to meet with Eastern Communications of the Philippines to sign partnership agreement

Eastern Communications, one of the Philippine’s premier telecommunications companies, has partnered with DOSarrest to deliver cloud based internet security solutions to their extensive enterprise customer base. (From left) Eastern Communications Product and Innovation Head Edsel Paglina[...]

DOSarrest Launches New Cloud Based Network Traffic Analyzer Service

DOSarrest Internet Security announced today that they have released a new service offering called DOSarrest Traffic Analyzer (DTA). This new service allows subscribers to send their Netflow, Sflow or Jflow network data from their routers and switches to DOSarrest's Big Data cluster, then login to th[...]

DOSarrest and Epsilon Partner to Deliver On-Demand Provisioning for Cloud-based Security Solutions

Epsilon, a privately-owned global connectivity and communications service provider, was selected by DOSarrest Internet Security to deploy Infiny by Epsilon on-demand connectivity platform and accelerate access to its Cloud-based security solutions. DOSarrest will use Epsilon’s Global Interconnect [...]

DOSarrest Announces new Cyber Attack Readiness Certificate program

DOSarrest Internet Security announced today that they have begun offering a comprehensive Cyber Attack Readiness Certificate program. This certification is to give website operators the peace of mind that their website can survive a real world cyber attack. Click here to read the complete press rel[...]

DOSarrest releases new Simulated DDoS Attack platform

DOSarrest Internet Security announced today that they have released a new Service offering called Cyber Attack Preparation Platform (CAPP). This new service allows customers to login to the CAPP portal and launch DDoS attacks on their own internet assets to see how they’re existing defenses stand [...]

DOSarrest releases new API

DOSarrest Internet Security announced today that they have released a new Application Programming Interface(API) for their latest generation of Internet Security Services Software, enabling NSPs, ISPs and Security as a Service companies to directly access any and all of DOSarrest’s cloud based Sec[...]

DOSarrest Featured in Tech Wire Asia Protecting an online presence

With over a decade of experience protecting websites from malicious traffic, DOSarrest has lead the way from the start. It was one of the first to supply its client base with a real-time statistical dashboard and an intuitive configuration management console. Fast forward to today where it has just [...]

DoS attacks’ methods develop subtlety to gain impact: What to do now

As DOSarrest completes its 11th year in the cloud based DDoS Protection service it has seen its fair share of attacks while protecting its global customer base. Looking back over the last decade there are 2 obvious trends, attacks are larger and more importantly, attacks have become incredibly soph[...]

CHJ Tech. Teams up with DOSarrest to deliver Internet Security Solutions for the Singapore Government

CHJ Technologies Singapore announced today that they have been chosen as one of the 6 approved vendors to supply cloud based DDoS protection and Web Application security services for the Singapore government over the next 3 years. The Singapore Government expects to spend SGD $50m to keep governmen[...]

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