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Microsoft: Anonymous hacktivists DDoSed us? Really?

Last week, a hacker claiming ties to Anonymous posted on Pastebin to brag about a DDoS attack on Japanese Microsoft (domain) websites and servers. While Microsoftdenies the interruption to its sites was a result of this hacker’s attacks, Sean Power tells the Register that collateral damage as a re[...]

2014: The Year Of The Headless Browser

Jag Bains, CTO gives his predictions to Information Security Buzz on how DDoS attacks will move from large, volumetric attacks to more stealthy, advanced attacks that are increasingly difficult for traditional DDoS mitigation devices to defend against.So, make sure you are prepared for 2014.Click he[...]

DOSarrest named finalist in 2013 Techworld Awards

DDoS protection company nominated for Cloud Project of the YearDOSarrest Internet Security has been named a finalist in the “Cloud Project of the Year” category for the Smarter Web Company’s implementation of its Proxy Defense. The submission details how the Smarter Web Company, when faced wit[...]

How DDoS attacks can cause confusion which leads to cybercrime.

In this article, our CTO Jag Bains comments on how DDoS Attacks are linked to FraudSource:[...]

Project Shield unlikely to be viable DDoS protection option for those who place high importance on web presence

Google this week announced the launch of Project Shield which is designed to help third party websites, such as election, activist and non-profit websites, defend against large DDoS attacks by allowing them to serve their content through Google’s own infrastructure. In this article, IT Secu[...]

Social engineering and hacking are big threats to data security

Formal training procedures are essential to prevent staff from being tricked into revealing sensitive information about customers. VANCOUVER—The Internet is an increasingly necessary, yet hazardous place to do business. DOS Arrest iStock image A growing number of consumer and business[...]

Come see us at NetDiligence Cyber Risk and Privacy Liability Forum

Sean Power our Security Operations Manager will be speaking at NetDiligence Cyber Risk and Privacy Liability Forum on October 10th 2013. Here are the topics for discussion.Technology To Mitigate Risk: The Latest from Security ExpertsCyber security metrics, requirements, standardsCloud security issue[...]

Ninety percent of websites vulnerable to attack

According to DOSarrest Internet Security, findings by its Vulnerability Testing and Optimisation service (VTO) of deep website scans, ninety percent of websites are vulnerable to attack. Further findings include that 95 per cent of the flaws could cause information leakage due to outdated software [...]

5 Reasons Not To Use DDoS Hardware For Data Centres

Hardware can be fun. If you are anything like me, you probably grew up doing things like fiddling with RCs, dismantling your parents’ clock radio, and rebuilding a 390 V8 engine. And many of us have spent most of the past few years, or decades, doing a more sophisticated version of that – buildi[...]

Schools become DDoS attack targets

Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) cyber attacks on schools and educational facility websites are on the rise. With students often reliant on their school’s website for important information and updates, this can have a detrimental effect on a school’s reputation. Mark Teolis, DOSarrest GM, of[...]

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