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GoDaddy to stop registering domains in China suffers backlash

At least one company is ready to follow Google’s stance on doing business in China: GoDaddy.During a congressional hearing later today to discuss Internet freedom and China, GoDaddy executives plan to announce that they will stop registering domain names in China in response to a new government po[...]

Social Network Privacy Concerns Raised by Undercover Police Tactics

The Electronic Frontier Foundation got its hand on documents on federal law enforcement approaches to gathering data on Facebook and other social networks. But just how far should the FBI and other police agencies go in using those sites to collect data?Reports law enforcement agencies use social ne[...]

Electronic Sports League Suffers DDOS Attack During World Championship

The Electronic Sports League has issued a statement to address recent problems in their network caused by a DDOS attack.The ESL claims their Extreme Masters World Finals have been under attack by a malicious botnet from over a thousand IP’s.“Since yesterday, we have been under attack by a malici[...]

Chuck Norris Botnet Overtakes Routers

Chuck Norris Botnet Karate-chops Routers HardBy Robert McMillan, IDG News ServiceIf you haven't changed the default password on your home router, you may be in for an unwanted visit from Chuck Norris the Chuck Norris botnet, that is.The malware got the Chuck Norris moniker from a programmer's Italia[...]

Wesleyan University Suffers from DOS Attack

The University experienced a campus-wide Internet outage on Tuesday, Dec. 8 from 10:50 p.m. until 2:34 a.m. Another outage occurred the next day at approximately 11:30 p.m. According to Karen Warren, Director of User and Technical Services, both of the outages were caused by a Denial of Service (DOS[...]

Concern about Denial of Service Attacks through Smartphones

WATERLOO, Canada – Last week, Scott Totzke, RIM’s VP of BlackBerry Security, stated his concerns about the use of “rogue” devices as tools to enable a distributed denial of service attack on wireless networks. An example of such an attack was carried out in July to slow the networks in South[...]

W32/Xpaj botnet

An Interesting article from McAfee on a fast growing botnet Two weeks ago I blogged about a new virus–W32/Xpaj–found in the wild by McAfee researchers and actively spreading around the world. Since then we have closely monitored the change in spread and severity of the virus, improved generic d[...]

DDoS Packets are Two Percent of Net Traffic, Report Says

By Ryan Singel April 02, 2008 | 3:26:22 PMOne out of every 50 packets on the internet is malicious junk intended simply to clog the tubes, according to a high level traffic analysis by Arbor Networks.Distributed Denial of Service attacks or DDoSes aim to bring a site down by bombarding it with fake [...]

What Spooks Microsoft’s Chief Security Advisor

You would think that Microsoft’s Chief Security Officer should be more concerned with his own company’s OS, but he’s not. Check out this article for more amusement. “Microsoft’s U.S. general manager/chief security advisor for its National Security Team, Bret Arsenault, thinks like a tru[...] Under Attack was hit by a DDOS attack yesterday that resulted in an outage. This is a great site by the way, that is used not only by cable and DSL users but also some cable executives to see what’s being said about their respective Internet service offerings. The site is somewhere on’[...]

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