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When Bots Attack

If you want to bring down a country’s information infrastructure and you don’t want anyone to know who did it, the weapon of choice is a distributed denial of service attack. Using rented botnets, you can launch hundreds of thousands – even millions – of infobombs at a target, all while main[...]

Hackers Take Down the Most Wired Country in Europe

The minister of defense checked the Web page again – still nothing. He stared at the error message: For some reason, the site for Estonia’s leading newspaper, the Postimees, wasn’t responding. Jaak Aaviksoo attempted to pull up the sites of a couple of other papers. They were all down. The for[...]

Firms hit rivals with web attacks

By Mark WardTechnology Correspondent, BBC News websiteLegitimate businesses are turning to cyber criminals to help them cripple rival websites, say security experts.The rise in industrial sabotage comes as some suggest cyber criminals are turning away from using web-based attack tools in extortion r[...]

Hackers Admit to Wave of Attacks

An Ohio computer hacker who served as a digital button man for a shady internet hosting company faces prison time after admitting he carried out one of a series of crippling denial-of-service attacks ordered by a wealthy businessman against his competitors.In a deal with prosecutors, Richard “Kras[...]

CNN Report: Worms overtake DoS as top attacks

By Sam Costello(IDG) — The Internet has become a riskier place for businesses since the fall of 2001 and doesn’t look to be any more secure in the near future, according to security firm Internet Security Systems Inc., which released its security incident figures for the first quarter of 2002 We[...]

How CloudNine Wound Up in Hell

LONDON — Fears are growing once more that companies operating on the Internet may not be equipped to ward off electronic sabotage after hackers forced a small British firm out of business.CloudNine Communications, one of Britain’s oldest ISPs, shut down last week with the loss of eight jobs in w[...]

Denial-of-service attacks expected

By Sam Costello(IDG) — There is a high probability that the U.S. critical computer infrastructure, such as the Web site of the U.S. Department of Defense, is being targeted for Distributed Denial of Service attacks by cyberprotestors, according to a warning issued Friday by the National Infrastruc[...]

NIPC warns of possible DDoS attacks

By Sam Costello (IDG) — The National Infrastructure Protection Center, the FBI’s cybersecurity agency, issued an advisory Tuesday warning against the possibility of increased distributed denial-of-service attacks coming as a result of the last week’s terrorist attacks against targets in New[...]

Cyber-attack launched against Web’s watchdog

The organization that usually warns others when hackers and crackers are at work is under attack itself. * MORE SCIENCE NEWS from: The Computer Emergency Response Team, CERT, has been fighting to keep its Web site online in the face of a denial-of-service attack. Since Tuesda[...]

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