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Guest article on Help Net Security – Dispelling the myths behind DDoS attacks

Think DDoS attacks are just a nuisance? Jag Bains dispels this and other myths about DDoS attacks in this piece on Help Net Security.Click here to read the entire article.[...]

Forbes – Brobot Botnet used to launch DDoS Attacks

Last week, DOSarrest fended off very large DDoS attack from the infamous Brobot botnet on one of its customers, a Middle Eastern media outlet. Mark Teolis spoke to Forbes journalist, Jasper Hamill about the attack and how traditionally it has been used by an Islamist hacking group, QCF, to attack a [...]

Are DDoS attacks becoming more sophisticated?

As DDoS attacks are becoming more sophisticated Jag Bains guest blogs for TechRadar Pro on how DDoS attacks are used as a smokescreen to steal Bitcoins.Click here to read the entire article.[...]

Do I need DDoS protection? A Realistic Look at the Decision Process

There has been a recent spate of well publicized Distribute Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks on popular websites, Evernote and Feedly. In light of this, Jag Bains, gives his tips to help companies prepare and not be held to ransom or suffer lost reputation and sales as a result.Click here to read th[...]

Evernote hit by a major DDoS attack

Unfortunately, this week Evernote was hit by a major DDoS attack. Commenting in SC Magazine, Mark Teolis said that it is unlikely to be last time the company is targeted and, as it has such a vast user base, they should get robust DDoS protection in place to make sure they are better prepared and th[...]

Get Safe Online suffers ‘DDoS’ attack

A recognized website Get Safe Online for users to go for advice to protect computers against a high-profile hack has gone down on Monday.Sean Power provides his comments on the outage to SC Magazine UK.Click here to read the entire article.[...]

Anonymous takes aim at World Cup sponsors

Sean Power offers advice to SC Magazine UK on how sponsors can mitigate the threat of attack in the run up to and during the competition.Click here to read the entire article.[...]

Repeat attacks hit two thirds of DDoS victims

Sean Power comments on SNMP attacks are featured in SC Magazine UK.Click here to read the entire article.[...]

HOSTING Partners With DOSarrest Internet Security to Offer DDoS Protection Services

DOSarrest is happy to announce the partnership agreement to offer its full suite of DDoS products to HOSTING, the leading cloud service provider in the market today.Click here to read the entire press release.[...]

DDoS attacks using SNMP amplification on the rise

SNMP amplification attacks are nothing new, as Sean Power comments on the article for PC World.The effectiveness of the attack stems from the fact that any site can be targeted and requires very little effort to produce excessive traffic.It relies on third party unsecured networks to do most of the [...]

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