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DOSarrest and MoneyCorp receives an honourable mention in the Computer Weekly Awards

Moneycorp, a foreign exchange company, has been given an honourable mention in the Computer Weekly European User Award for security for its use of DOSarrest to protect against DDoS attacks.Click here to read the entire article under the Private Sector Honorable Mention.[...]

Speaking at InfoSecurity Europe – Headless browsers & stealthy and devastating evolutions of the DDoS attack

Jag Bains CTO for DOSarrest will be speaking at InfoSecurity Europe on May 1st 2014 at 2:40PM BST.Topic: Headless browsers & stealthy and devastating evolutions of the DDoS attackClick here for more details.[...]

Dual-pronged social media attack vector discovered

A new version of an attack has been found to be targeting French language speakers. SC Magazine reports on the threat that uses a double pronged approach of phishing and then a DDoS element to steal information and even mine crypto currency. Mark Teolis comments that botnet masters are herding group[...]

DOSarrest Releases Latest Generation DDoS Mitigation System Software

DOSarrest is happy to announce we’ve launched our latest generation of proprietary backend software that incorporates an all-new customer-facing portal. Click here to read the entire press release. [...]

DOSarrest featured in InfoSecurity Magazine article – Defending Against DDoS Attacks

DOSarrest speaks to Ted Kritsonis and provides insight on to prevent and respond to DDoS attacks. Click here, and navigate to page 50, to read more. [...]

Bahrain Telecom teams up with DOSarrest to offer DDoS Protection service

Bahrain Telecom, BATELCO partners with DOSarrest Internet Security for DDoS Protection services.Click here to read the entire press release[...]

Cloud-based solution could prevent the Heartbleed bug scares

Heartbleed has been one of the biggest vulnerabilities discovered to date. In this piece on IT Security Guru, Jag Bains explains how companies using a good cloud service provider will just have one port of call to make sure they weren’t exposed, opposed to going through countless logs and work flo[...]

DOSarrest Q&A with Help Net Security – Blocking DDoS attacks with a cloud-based solution

Jag Bains is featured on Help Net Security giving his insights into the changing nature of DDoS attacks and how protection in cloud makes the best way to combat these attacks.Click here to read the entire Q&A article.[...]

Canadian banks say they are safe from Heartbleed bug

This week we saw one of the most major internet security flaws in recent years brought to light, Heartbleed- which affects certain versions of OpenSSL. The Canadian Bankers Association made a sweeping statement in which it claimed Canadians can still bank with confidence. A statement that Jag Bains [...]

US regulators warn banks of rise in cyber attacks

Last week, the Federal Financial Institutions Examination Council (FFIEC) issued a warning to the financial sector, saying that they needed to tighten up on their cyber security controls to minimize fraud. In this report from IT Pro Portal, Mark Teolis says how financial institutions are by no means[...]

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