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DOSarrest answers FAQs on MTGox Bitcoin loss

Earlier this month Jag Bains explains some frequently asked questions regarding the Mt Gox Bitcoin loss in this piece on New Media Knowledge.Click here to read the entire article.[...]

Headless browser attacks discussed with IT Security Guru

Following an in depth discussion with Dan Raywood, the editor of IT Security Guru, Jag Bains takes his place as today’s Guru discussing the dangers that headless browsers present when using them to launch DDoS attacks.Click here to read the entire article.[...]

DOSarrest podcast with Martin McKeay from Network Security Blog at RSA 2014

Jag Bains, CTO for DOSarrest speaks with Martin McKeay at RSA 2014 on how we provide DDoS protection to our clients.Click here to listen to the podcastClick here to view the page on Network Security Blog[...]

Why having a DDoS Playbook is essential for your organisation

Of course we know why it is essential to have a DDoS playbook ready to go in case things go wrong, it’s our business to.But for everyone else, Jag Bains explains why in this post on Tech Radar Pro. It’s all about 75% preparation and 25% organized action.Click here to read the entire article[...]

DOSarrest article Defending Yourself From Cyber Attack

Mark Teolis, general manager at DOSarrest offers insight into this new and worrying trend and advises on how the education sector can protect themselves from attack. Please click on this link to view the web version. [...]

Blurring The Lines: Observations On DDoS And Bitcoin

Jag Bains describes how DDoS attackers are blurring the lines between DDoS and hacking with the advanced,sophisticated attacks seen on Bitcoin exchanges.Click here to read the entire article:[...]

162,000 reasons to tighten up on WordPress security

DOSarrest provides comments on the lastest WordPress sites used to launch DDoS Attacks.Click here to read the entire article:[...]

WordPress USED AS ZOMBIE in DDoS attacks

More than 160,000 WordPress websites were found to be used by hackers for DDoS attacks, an entirely preventable problem if website owners downloaded the latest version, as Sean Power explains in the Register.Click here to read the entire article:[...]

DDoS Attacks Still Significant Threat

CSO (Australia) caught up with Jag Bains, CTO for DOSarrest last month while at RSA to discuss the damages of DDoS attacks and what can be done to mitigate their impact.Click here to read the entire article:[...]

Jag Bains, CTO of DOSarrest mentioned in Reuters article on DDoS cyber attacks get bigger, smarter, more damaging

Only a couple of months in and already 2014 has seen its fair share of well publicised DDoS attacks.From the popular social media sites Meetup and to numerous attacks on Bitcoin exchanges and data centres, it certainly has been eventful. Companies need to realise that DDoS attacks are getting[...]

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