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‘Coding error’ on NHS website redirected users to malicious sites

A coding error in the NHS Choices website was leading to it serving up malware to unsuspecting visitors; Sean Power, security operations manager for DOSarrest, gave Computing readers some recommendations about scanning websites for vulnerabilities.Please click here for the entire article:http://www.[...]

Bell Canada attack was enabled by SQL flaw

Sean Power, security operations manager from DOSarrest gives his thoughts on the SQL flaw on Bell.Click here to read the entire article:[...]

Why Would they DoS Us?

DOSarrest a fully managed cloud-based DDoS Protection service featured in Bob Tarzey research piece on why attackers launch DDoS attacks.Click here to read the entire article:[...]

The Vulnerability Conundrum

Determined hackers will look for ways to exploit your website, which can result in reputational, financial, and SEO ranking loss. They do this by scanning your website and targeting the weakest points. Sean Power, security operations manager from DOSarrest, recommends performing your own vulnerabili[...]

Education Sector is one of the Fastest Growing for DDoS Mitigation

While in London, Jag Bains, CTO, and general manager Mark Teolis caught up with Sooraj Shah from and discussed how quickly the education sector is realizing that they need DDoS protection.Click here to read the full article:[...]

The 2014 Cyber Security Roadmap

Information Age has gathered expertise from the security community on the issues that will affect the next twelve months.Jag Bains, CTO of DOSarrest, gives his views on the changing DDoS landscape.As seen in:[...]

Responsibility for malvertising lies with the advertising platform

In the aftermath of the Yahoo! Malvertising debacle in which the Internet giant inadvertently served up malware through banner ads to its customers in Europe, Sean Power, security operations manager for DOSarrest, gives his thoughts on how incidents like this can be avoided on IT Security GuruAs see[...]

Could Cross-site Scripting be the problem in your website?

Websites these days that attract a lot of visitors often do this by being highly interactive, with content that is constantly updated. While this is great for the users, owners of these websites must make sure that they are not vulnerable to cross-site scripting (XSS) and that they are taking every [...]

Our Security Operations manager Sean Power talks about Preparing for Cyber Monday

Cyber Monday in the UK is the biggest online shopping day of the year and will take place on the 2nd of December this year.To make sure e-tailers have their websites protected from cyber attacks and can handle the increase in traffic, Sean Power from DOSarrest gives his top tips.Read more: http://nm[...]

DDoS attacks on Data Centres Rise

Recent Ponemon research has shown DDoS attacks are becoming more prevalent on data centres. Commenting on the trend on Information Security Buzz, Jag Bains, CTO said that data centre managers tend to focus their efforts on network availability, rarely giving the proper attention to complex DDoS atta[...]

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