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DOSarrest New Locations and Added Capacity

Added Capacity

We have contracted with 2 new and additional upstreams to add capacity and route diversity for optimal performance in all of our cities. We are presently activating these links and it will take another 4-6 months before all of them are live. In order to accommodate these new 10 Gb/Sec pipes we are also upgrading all of our routers in all locations as well as upgrading our load balancers.

In addition to these 12 new 10Gb/sec links we are in the process of connecting to the London Internet Exchange(LINX) and the Hong Kong Internet exchange(HKIX) as well as few smaller exchanges in LA and NYC.

New Locations

A new node was added in Vancouver, its our first Canadian node and its been up and running for 3 months now.

We are adding our second node in Asia, it will be in Hong Kong to go along with our existing node in Singapore and its expected to be running by the end of August 2016

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