network background popup Under Attack was hit by a DDOS attack yesterday that resulted in an outage. This is a great site by the way, that is used not only by cable and DSL users but also some cable executives to see what’s being said about their respective Internet service offerings. The site is somewhere on’s network who have a strong presence n NYC. A great bunch of guys too.

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1905 CST Update: Many users that reported they could not log in are now reporting they are able to log into the site. Either the attack has finished or Justin was able to make some changes for those users to log in… or both.

I figured since everybody else on the interwebs was writing about the DDOS attack on (aka: I would to. Well, the main brunt of the attack occured this morning. I (BBR: exocet_cm) woke up around 5:30 and tried to get to BBR at 6:00 am CST and it was down. Apparently many folks still can’t access the site as the attack is still under way, but Justin, the site owner, has mitigated much of the bombardment.

For those people that CAN access the site, there is a forum thread about the DDOS attack here:

For those people that CANNOT access the site here are the excerpts:

Justin @ 0722 CST: “Hey, glad to see you got here, by hook or by crook.

So we have a pesky DDOS and it is still on the curve upwards, over 1000 IPs so far and any which of them will attempt to hammer or occupy request slots.

Sad and annoying but thems the breaks on the internetz

It started at 4am eastern and got worse as time wore on.

I’ve mitigated it enough to serve pages (the site-is-down message) but the front-end is currently too slow dealing with the dregs to handle real pages.. hence the need to bring up the site on another IP address if only for members.”

Name Game @ 15:33 CST: “Some members over in the UK still can not get to the DSLR either with the DNS or URL

NICK ADSL UK asked me to post this for you as his trace route.

hmm..I see he is not alone in the problem reaching us..”

La Luna @ 1840 CST: “I’ve been kicked out for the last hour (Mele can’t get here either by the way, we’ve been conversing over at Wilders). I’m here via a proxy right now.

I get nothing, zip, ziltch, just a white page trying to get here the normal way.”

There is speculation that a pre-curser to the event was occuring about a week before today as mentioned by this thread but I think that these are two unrelated issues/topics. This DDOS story reported at The Register and Lavasoft.

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