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Upcoming Release

This is our most ambitious project ever.

In order to offer our customers’ leading edge security services we have a major redevelopment project that is 75% finished as of today. This is a complete rewrite of the back-end and front end of our core DDoS protection engine as well as the DSS (DOSarrest Security Services) customer Portal.

What will this do for our customers?

The main reason we undertook this colossal project and quadrupled our development team in order to accomplish it, is to be able to offer custom rules that would enable us to filter sophisticated attacks. These may not necessarily be DDoS attacks but may be from intelligent bots performing scrapping or stealing content and otherwise just nuisance traffic. At present we can modify our system to accommodate pretty much any customer request and do so within hours, the catch was, that our existing system wasn’t modular enough and the QA part could take a week or 2 to complete.

The new system is incredible flexible and modular, shorting the QA process to minutes instead of days or weeks.

This new system set for release this January 2017, will have many new advantages from the old system as well as over some of our competitors. In essence this new release will enable us to create additions, changes and new features we haven’t even thought of yet. We listen to our customers and they have told us what they want, soon we will be able to create exactly what our customers dream up in a matter of minutes and make it live for all to use !

Here is a sample of just some of the benefits of the new release:

  • Updates will be live on all of our servers in under 15 seconds
  • There will be a complete documented API to allow telcos and ISPs to create their own Security service using our back-end services
  • A smoother, faster DSS
  • Versioning - Will allow customers to keep 3-5 roll back versions of their config for easy roll back. It can also be used as templates if customers want to use a certain config at certain times of the day/month

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