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Why Partner with DOSarrest ?

DOSarrest has been providing cloud-based Internet security services since 2007, our security services have evolved over the years to accommodate every aspect of internet security that businesses require. Globally distributed nodes provide security and performance in the cloud to ensure leading edge security coupled with a performance boost, this is what businesses on the Internet are constantly looking for.

All services are strictly cloud based, no software, no hardware to install on a customer's premise, no licencing fees or long term contracts and everything can be fully managed by our SOC 24/7/365, if need be, it's your choice. We can create and design a tailor made solution that works for you and your clients.

Partner benefits:

  • Generous recurring revenue for the life of the customer, guaranteed in writing, regardless of who is responsible for the billing.
  • Presales support available 24/7.
  • White labelling and/or API if needed to integrate into your existing panel.
  • All of our services are integrated into one portal and one login.
    Allows you to add services as your customer's requirements change.
  • Create accounts, sub-accounts, roles and users with predefined permissions,
    Great for multi-tenant environments.
  • All services are fully managed by our SOC 24/7/365.
  • Proactive monitoring of all services 24/7/365.
  • 100% uptime guarantee backed by a 2,500% refund.

DOSarrest has a full suite of turnkey cloud-based performance and security solutions for your customers. All of them are accessible with one login on one portal, use one product or all, it's your call.

  1. Website and application DDoS protection - our flagship product, that's one of the best available today.
  2. Web Application Firewall - The most secure cloud based WAF, unlike the others its based on a positive security model. No such thing as zero-day attacks at DOSarrest.
  3. DDoS protection for network infrastructure - protect a whole data center or corporate network.
  4. Global load balancing - balance 2 or 100 servers around the globe, extremely fast fail-over for the ultimate Disaster Recovery solution.
  5. Content Delivery Network - you have an unlimited amount of options to control what, where and how your content is delivered.
  6. DDoS Testing - Cyber Attack Preparation Platform - Test your DDoS defenses using our attack botnet, pick one or more attacks from a wide range of options.
  7. DOSarrest Traffic analyzer - Allow you and/or your customers to leverage our big data cluster to see real-time and historically what's going on in any network. Easy Interactive graphical displays to see inside any network.
  8. Website or application monitoring - Allows you to monitor numerous stats from around the globe and set alerts, to email/text you when there's an issue, or let our SOC investigate, pinpoint the issue and alert you.


We started as a DOSarrest partner in 2015 and within 2 years we were doing a million+ annually in business and still going strong in 2019. A real testament to their technology and security solutions. They are easy to work with and provide outstanding service for our customers.

Linus Choo

CEO of CHJ technologies

Pivotree has been partnering with DOSarrest for many years. Their team is very responsive to the information queries, willing to design flexible solutions to address our customers' unique needs, and is just a pleasure to work with.

Elena Rybalchenko

Product Manager, Pivotree

DOSarrest is one of the leading companies who provides the best cybersecurity and cloud solutions worldwide. Eastern Communications is really excited to offer their services to the Philippine market as part of our commitment to bring best-in-class cybersecurity and cloud solutions to Filipino businesses.

Edsel C. Paglinawan

Product and Innovation Head, Eastern Communications

We partner with DOSarrest to fullfil our own and our customers security needs. The services provided by DOSarrest are market leaders in terms of flexibility, ease of implementation and simple management while delivering flawless technical security and DDoS mitigation. Their technical team are on the ball 24x7 and often identify and resolve issues before they have any impact on our customers and you can’t ask for more than that!

Bimal Shah

CEO, Elemental Concept

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DOSarrest acts as an extension of your IT team to secure your online business and improve performance. Our security operations team is available 24/7/365 to ensure your customers website is online and identifying threats in real time.