Anti DDoS Solutions

DOSarrest specializes in providing DDoS protection services to any website in any location.

DOSarrest was created to solve one problem from the start. It is not an add-on service or afterthought. We do not sell bandwidth or hosting services of any kind. We do not resell another network's DDoS protection service.

We have our own resellers, so ask your provider if they are an official DOSarrest reseller. Many major hosting operations regularly refer customers to us and they do it without making a cent. Our service speaks for itself.

The DOSarrest Advantage

This service is primarily for large E-commerce sites that do not want to have their sites disrupted by DDoS attacks or other malicious traffic. We have created, own and operate a state of the art DDoS protection service. All of our staff have extensive expertise in this field. When you talk to us you get the real goods, no folklore or nonsense. After all, we handle DDoS attacks daily, whereas some major networks may deal with this problem yearly! Experience is everything in this business.

More than half of our customers are with major tier 1 hosting providers and/or have tried other DDoS protection services. Our customers' servers are located all over the world with many different hosting and DDoS protection service companies including: HOSTING, Rackspace, Hostway, Peer1, DataPipe, Level 3, Prolexic and Verizon Business to name a few.  We take care of some major brands and household names. We are not for everyone, just those who cannot tolerate downtime.

We service websites representing the following industries: health care, gaming, online payment processing, banks, stocks/brokerage, government and affiliates, education, media, and numerous medium-large brand name e-commerce sites.

The DOSarrest advantage. We do not filter based on geography or other methods that filter out large blocks of IP address space. Our proprietary techniques and software only block malicious IP addresses, on a request by request instance and on a continuous basis. There is no third party black box with some unknown algorithm, deciding what is good or bad. We control every aspect of the cloud based DDoS protection service. This ensures zero false positives.

Most other DDoS mitigation services only have a proxy component. DOSarrest has both a proxy and caching component. This means that should you have a massive burst of legitimate traffic, our system is always ready for it. In essence the system acts as a CDN as well, able to distribute massive amounts of content to legitimate users. All this is done without any stress on your server.

Customers of DOSarrest enjoy the following benefits:

  • 24/7 manned NOC
  • 24/7 network engineering team
  • 24/7 15 minute emergency install/setup
  • Industry leading customer portal with real-time stats and site management
  • No long term contract required
  • Multiple 10Gb/sec upstream connections
  • Geographically dispersed traffic cleansing nodes
  • 10Gb/sec end to end multi-layer filtering at every node
  • Website caching for increased performance
  • Redundant systems in every way possible
  • Custom programming
  • Two-Factor Authentication login

Experience, Technology, and Focus

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