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Is your website as secure,
as you think? Not sure?

Then why not get certified by DOSarrest, the Internet security specialists.

We have been protecting websites against malicious traffic for our global customer base since 2007.

The vast majority of website hosting operations have no idea if their hosting infrastructure can survive a real world cyber attack, DDoS attack defenses are put in place but rarely if ever are tested in a real world simulated DDoS attack.
Large cloud hosting operators protect their infrastructure, but are not responsible for protecting your particular website, especially from sophisticated layer 7 attacks.

Why get certified?

  • As an extra measure to ensure your website and business can survive a malicious Cyber attack.

  • Should you have Internet business interruption insurance your insurance broker may give you a sizeable discount on your insurance premiums.

  • Help you meet PCI compliance requirements.

  • You have worked long and hard to build a business/brand, don’t have it wiped out by a hacker in minutes.

This is more than just testing your website’s DDoS defenses , it’s a comprehensive Internet security test including vulnerability testing along with a detailed audit report .

Here’s what we’ll do to ensure your website and infrastructure is secure and can hold up against a barrage of DDoS attacks as well as many more varieties of malicious traffic.

  • We will analyse your website to identify possible weak points, which can be problematic due to their high resource requirements, just like a real hacker would do.
  • Run a selection of 10 different sophisticated real-world HTTP/HTTPs attacks.
  • Run 10 different TCP attacks at up to 40 Gb/sec, more if you want, even up to 100 Gb/sec, we will not only record the traffic in Mb/sec and PPS to your website we will record the response traffic from your server, this is important as many attacks will cause your webserver to respond with up to 20 times more traffic in its response than is sent to the webserver.
  • Run 4 globally distributed different attack vectors simultaneously, this is a true real world scenario.
  • Run a comprehensive layer 7 vulnerability test and provide a comprehensive report, this will give you a good idea of your risk assessment. * this may take up to 72 hours to complete, depending on the websites complexity and size. Read our VTO Whitepaper here
  • Test your site for OWASP top 10 attacks
  • PCI pre-scan, this will help you pass a certified QSA PCI test on your first round of testing
  • A security engineer will personally go over all reports and show you what needs to be done in order to fix any security holes or weak spots that may have been discovered
  • Allow you time to make changes to your security defenses if required
  • Retest as many times as necessary until you can successfully defend against all attacks
  • Once you pass we will give you a letter to attest to your website passing all of the above.
  • Quarterly or yearly retesting. * extra fee for this service.
  • Free limited CAPP access account for 12 months to keep up with new and additional attacks captured from the wild and/or created by DOSarrest.
  • A 1 Year 30% discount on all other DOSarrest services.

All of the above is fully managed by our in-house security engineers. Should you wish to run your own DDoS attacks we will provide a userID on our CAPP portal so you can run tests any time you wish


Our Guarantee

  • ** Customer must agree to a 1 year DDoS/WAF protection contract
  • Once you are certified and if you are not a current customer of DOSarrest’s DDoS protection services and you run into a Cyber attack and need help, DOSarrest will provide a special code and contact information so you can have your site provisioned on our DDoS protection platform 24/7 in 15 minutes, waiving any emergency provisioning charges, for 12 months after certification


Are you a managed security services provider looking for new products or services to offer your clients? Let us know and we’ll help you tailor a program to help you meet your specific customers’ requirements.



We can create a series of tests that may better suit your needs let us know. A La Carte security testing, pick the components you want.

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