DOSarrest Security Services

More than just an online reporting tool!

DOSarrest's Security Services (DSS) area is available to all customers and provides a customized view of the customer's website from the inside and the outside. It is more than just an online reporting tool. It is a single access point where customers can login, view, modify or add the following functions:

  • Real-time traffic volume to your VIP as well as to your server
  • Setup Virtual servers
  • Knowledgebase information center
  • Trouble ticket entry system with history tracking
  • Customer ID access, to provision additional IDs for support personnel
  • Enable/disable caching and set cache timeout values based on your requirements
  • Enable/disable proprietary authentication techniques
  • Setup Load balancing (this is an add-on feature)
  • Change/add SSL certificates and keys
  • Manage cache and security bypasses
  • Provision new domains in 60 seconds! (ISP/NSP subscription option only)
  • Two-Factor Authentication login
  • Level 1 PCI certified

The security services area is in constant, never ending development, in order to keep up with the latest security threats as well as provide customers with leading edge services.

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Choose from 13 different graphs, 30+ metrics per VIP to customize your own dashboard view

( Click on images to expand. )

View real-time connections


View real-time status codes 200, 301, 302, 404, etc


View real-time cache status hit, miss, expired, not cached.


View real-time connection states, close, time wait, last ack, established, etc


View real time bandwidth


View real-time visitors by IP, city, region, country

dss-bird-eye dss-top-country dss-visitor-isp

View-real-time referrers


View real-time top URLs


View real-time Blocked Events: Protocol and Application Layer attacks blocked by DOSarrest


View real-time WAF Events: Rate of WAF events (Learning and/or Blocked) over specified time interval


View real-time Events – No. of Web and WAF log events as a rate over specified time interval


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