DSS Service Provider Option

The Problem:

Customers are much more security conscious these days and when choosing a hosting or network provider they want to know whether their provider can protect them in the event of a Denial of Service attack. In order to stop DDoS for any website that is conducting e-commerce, this is a must-have addition to any managed services or a requirement from their network provider.

Companies that are hosting or providing Internet connectivity will have a definite edge over their competitors, if they can prove they have a DDoS protection solution that really works, is in place, and is available at a moment's notice. In reality, most network providers and hosting operations are ill-equipped to deal with large and/or complex DDoS attacks. Once this event happens and the customer suffers an outage, they will have no choice but to seek out and find another hosting or network provider that can guarantee there will be no service interruptions due to a DDoS attack. Large e-commerce websites will only go with a network or hosting provider that has a proven DDoS solution, either on a full-time basis or on-demand.


The Solution:

DOSarrest's Security Services has a service provider option that gives hosting and network providers the edge they need to increase their business and revenue, and at the same time provide their customers with a proven DDoS protection solution. Once registered as a DOSarrest partner, we will give you a user ID and password to login to our DOSarrest Security Services panel. Once logged into our DSS, provisioning is very easy and can be done in less than 60 seconds!!!

Rotate in and out as many domains as you like and protect your whole customer base with the most flexible DDoS protection available today. This is one tool your technical staff must have.

Once you have entered the IP address and domain name of the domain to be protected, click "Request site". We will assign a virtual IP address and send it to you in about 5 minutes. At this point you can change the A record of the domain in the DNS to point to the IP address we have sent you. All the attack traffic will now go to one of our scrubbing nodes and the website will be up and running almost immediately. You can now view any and all sites you may have on our system from our real-time dashboard.

Click here to view the DSS User Guide

Stopping DDoS attacks is now fast, easy and controlled by you. No other DDoS protection service offers anything even close to matching our DSS. This is all supported 24/7/365 by our NOC staff.
…After all, stopping DDoS attacks is all we do!

For more information on our ISP/Hosting option, use our contact sales form and indicate your interest in our "service provider option" http://www.dosarrest.com/contact-sales

**We will only respond to company email accounts, not to you@gmail.com, etc.

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