DEMS – DOSarrest External Monitoring Service


Some History

As DOSarrest expanded its DDoS protection cloud, now located in London, UK, NYC, LA, Vancouver, Hong Kong and Singapore, we needed to know the uptime and performance of all of our customers' sites as viewed from all 6 locations. We set out to find an external 3rd party service that we could subscribe to in order to fulfill this requirement. What we had hoped and thought to be a fairly straightforward exercise and at a reasonable expense was not. After months of searching we soon realized that it was going to cost from $200.00-$400.00/month per URL to accomplish our goal. This added cost was obviously not going to be feasible, given the hundreds of domains presently under protection. Plan "B" was put in motion, which was the development and deployment of DOSarrest External Monitoring Service(DEMS).

After almost 2 years of development and testing the result is one of the best distributed monitoring systems available today at a reasonable price.

Who needs this service?

  • Anyone who is geographically load balancing a website
  • Anyone using a CDN to geographically distribute their content
  • Anyone who is hosting or responsible for 1 or more mission critical websites

Who does not need this service?

  • Anyone who is running a non-mission critical, single website in a single location. There are plenty of free website monitors that will meet your requirements.

"DEMS" Value Proposition – Why use "DEMS"?

Scenario 1 – The CDN user

If you're using a CDN to distribute your website on a global basis things may appear fine when viewing your website from your vantage point, but the website could be completely unavailable in another part of the globe. Would you know if it's down? Would you know real-time if it's very slow? Sales dropped off yesterday in Asia, can you go back and see what happened closer to where the sales drop was?

Scenario 2 – The Network operations Center

You are a Managed Hosting provider servicing 50 mission critical websites.

A call comes in with a complaint from a customer saying, "I'm in Florida and my site is down!" Could you tell with one glance, that the site is in fact up and it is this particular viewer that has an issue and not the website? Or will you spend a couple of hours trying to figure out what and where the problem is?

DEMS is one of the easiest ways to keep track of tens or hundreds of websites in real-time, a perfect Managed Hosting tool.

System Overview

The system is comprised of 8 sensors located in 4 different geographic regions. Each sensor is located externally to any of DOSarrest's networks' and performs the following checks every 60 seconds:

  • DNS resolution for the configured URL
  • TCP connection
  • HTTP(S) execution (first byte download)
  • HTTP(S) transfer
  • Set alerts/warnings on SSL, MySQL, PHP, ASP, Java, etc.
  • Set warnings on SSL cert expiration and content changes

All of the above data is collected and archived and available for real-time auto-refreshing views or historical viewing.

See how easy and intuitive DEMS can make the real-time monitoring of all of your websites from multiple locations actually be!

Contact for more information, or for a free demo.

  • This is a free service for customers subscribed to DOSarrest's DDoS protection service.
  • This service can be purchased as a standalone service, without DDoS protection.

There are literally hundreds of different views available in DEMS. Here are a few samples.

( Click on images to expand. )

a) Sample Status Page indicating all monitored websites are up.


b) Sample Status Page showing one domain down from LA and NYC sensors after 5 minutes.


c) Sample Status Page showing one domain down in all cities after 2 minutes.


d) Sample Status Page showing one domain down in all cities after 10 minutes.


e) Sample Status Page showing recovery of domain.


f) Sample split screen Performance View from all 8 sensors.


g) Sample performance view of domain experiencing issues from North America, Europe, and Asia sensors.


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