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With over 12 years of experience building, monitoring, consulting and maintaining customer networks with a focus on security, we have a custom solution to meet your requirements.

Assess – We will go over your existing network and test it with regards to security, performance, reliability, scalability and redundancy, or build from scratch if that's what you desire.

Design – We will design, make recommendations on hardware/software as needed. Often saving customers money. DOSarrest will not just tell you your network is secure, we'll prove it to you, using our DDoS attack platform and vulnerability testing.
- Building a secure Internet network is not as complicated as some would have you believe.

Deploy – We can order the hardware/software and perform the install and setup, or guide your network team through the process.

Maintain – Our engineering team will ensure any licensing, patches and software upgrades on all of your network components are up to date.

Monitoring – Our 24/7 SOC can monitor pretty much any hardware or software, so we won't list it here. We have our own in house developed tools and single portal to show you exactly what is going on inside your network. For some of our capabilities see DTA and DEMS, both of which are customizable and can provide real-time and historical graphical displays and alerts should your organization require it.

Procurement – Why not leverage our extensive experience and our long-time carrier relationships buying upstream links, network hardware and related software.

  1. Imagine having one invoice for all of your network and security related requirements.
  2. If you’re looking for an experienced, nimble, technology driven MSSP, then you have found it.