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The Evolution of Firewalls


What is a firewall ?

This is either hardware or software or a combination of both and using basic policies separates a corporate network that is connected to the Internet into a “trusted” and “untrusted zone”. Those that are trusted are allowed access to the corporate network from the Internet, everyone else (untrusted) are not granted access to the corporate network. These access policies are based on a user’s IP address and or TCP Port and/or protocol they are using.


What is a NGFW ?

Is defined as an appliance that can analyse traffic across all TCP ports and protocols including SSL, this is accomplished by using techniques commonly known as Deep packet inspection(DPI) and intrusion prevention. In order to be effective NGFW’s usually bring outside threat Intelligence, into the network. NGFW’s are also commonly referred to as providing “Perimeter Security”


What is a cloud based NGFW ?

A cloud based NGFW has all the capabilities of an on premise NGFW except it’s located in the cloud and is usually operated by an MSSP. The main advantage of this type of offering also sometimes referred to as ”Firewall as a Service” (FAAS). This type of service allows corporations to protect their data and employees from all the latest security threats regardless of where employees and the corporate network(s) are located.