Virtual Webservers

Virtual Webservers

What is a Virtual Webserver(VWS) ?

A Virtual webserver is a way for customers to define, direct and apply rules on how visitor requests to A specific URL are handled.

Why use VWS's ?

It enables customers to leverage 1 VIP into multiple VIP's /without SSL. This allows you to create completely independent configurations for multiple URL's at A fraction of the cost of a VIP.

How many virtual servers can I create ?

With every VIP, customers can create 25+ virtual servers.

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More questions answered:

What Are The Limitations Of A VWS ?

The only limitation is that you can't use SSL/HTTPS with a VWS

Can I use VWS in conjunction with DOSarrests' other services?

Yes, Cloud Based Load-Balancing, DEMS, WAF and even VTO can be applied to VWS's.

How Do I configure my VWS ?

You can configure your VWS(s) real-time through the DSS as you would your VIP.

Is There An Extra Cost for VWS's ?

Yes, depending on the number of VWS's ordered the price is between $100.00-$200.00USD/month


What you can do with a Virtual Webserver:

    • deny bot-nets
    • enable WAF: basic
    • block invalid HOST requests
    • use geo load balanced origin server pool
    • geo-ip based restrictions
    • enable WAF: basic
    • deny bot-nets
    • block invalid HOST requests
    • use UK origin server(s)
    • require captcha on submit.asp
    • enable WAF: custom ruleset
    • deny bot-net
    • file upload limits
    • single origin
    • resource & status specific cache rules
    • allow stale cache
    • block invalid referrer
    • use geo load balanced origin pool
    • enable WAF: custom rulesets
    • deny search engines
    • IP based ACL rules
    • Multiple origins with High available failover
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